In a perfect world, roots wouldn’t show in between salon visits, and hair would grow in a way that blended seamlessly with your previous dye job. Unfortunately, in reality, roots tend to grow in looking less than ideal. That why you should schedule an appointment to touch up your roots to keep yourself looking fresh.

Seeing the same stylist that did your original color is essential for the perfect touch up. Matching another stylist’s color can be tricky, most notably if the new stylist uses a different color line. For best results and seamless touch up, stick with the stylist who did your initial color.

Color dulls. Especially at the ends. Root and end touch up often go hand in hand. Schedule an appointment with Umar to begin you One Step Color journey.

I am here to help you look your best, inside and out. Contact me to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss the best color for you.– Umar Hair Stylist

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