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What is a Color Kit

If you don’t have time to get your hair professionally colored but don’t want to risk ruining your colorists amazing work then a color kit is a great alternative to use before zoom calls, pictures of events.Color kits help you camouflage your unwanted grey or temporarily cover new growth.

It is custom blended to match your color by a professional licensed colorist with professional color. Color kits extend color up to four weeks hiding unwanted new growth on parts and hairlines. This service is not designed to replace your colorist. This service works best on those with less than an inch of new growth. It is a bridge service designed to help you until your next appointment. Color kits cover front hairlines and parts only.

Because it is custom blended and saved in your records you can get the same accurate color each time you order. If you ever decide to change your color, we simply custom blend a new formula to match the new color change.

If you are  a newbie, not to worry. Color kits are:

  • Easy to order.
  • Curbside pickup means you never have to leave your car.
  • Easy to apply yourself,
  • Easy to dispose of when finished.

Color kits come with instructions and step by step guide to help those using a color kit for the first time

Video Instructions
Instructions for Touch Up Color
Before Use
Instructions for Applying Color