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Cuts & Styles

Chic redefined. Specialized cuts & styles, tailored to your lifestyle for easy maintenance and timeless glamour.

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Color Services

Vibrant brilliance. Immerse yourself in our luxurious color services, where gentle and long-lasting techniques reveal your luminous hues.

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Smoothing Services

Experience our exquisite smoothing services for all hair types, including curled, straight, wavy, textured, and frizzy hair. Enhance your natural texture.

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Mobile Wedding Services

Indulge in luxury wherever you are. Our exclusive mobile wedding service brings glamour and elegance to your doorstep.

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Energy Work

Manifest a life of peace, ease, and happiness. Discover Indigo Energy Healing.

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We Listen

Everyone is unique and every season and chapter of your life is different. What worked for you yesterday may not be working for you right now. Maybe your hair’s texture has changed? Maybe your kids have just left for college and you’re looking for a change, are bored of your current look and need an occasional pep-up, or your life is about to change dramatically with a move, marriage, or new job?

Together we can create new haircuts, styles, and colorings that meet your needs right now. Anyone can cut hair, but it takes an artist who is committed to his or her craft to help maintain a consistent level of excellence.

Whether it is balayage, a transition  to gray, or a precision cutting, We are excited to guide you on your hair journey.

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The quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses

Beauty exalts the mind and spirit.


Eufora Product Lines

Your Favorite Eurfora Products are now available at our Salon

Reduces frizz and keeps your hair healthy


Fight Frizz

Calms and soothes the scalp and keeps hair soft


Hair and Body Care
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Helps give flat hair the boost it needs


Give Your Hair a Lift

Where Inner Healing & Outer Radiance Embrace

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A sacred space. A healing environment that helps you discover your inner and outer beauty. From the moment you enter, you will feel a sense of tranquility and peace that respects the flow of nature in both space and time.

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The Importance of Beauty and Harmony

Your beauty experience extends beyond just hairstyling; it's about making you feel confident and empowered from the inside out. From the enchanting practice of balancing chakras to the brilliance of a Brazilian Blowout where sleek perfection meets effortless glamour, my services transcend the ordinary. My approach to wellness is not just about your hair; it's about uplifting your spirit.

I am a master in the art of balayage and the graceful transition to gorgeous gray. When it comes to precision cutting, I create flawless finishes that highlight your beauty in its purest form. Every scissor snip, every tender touch resonates with vibrational energetic healing, infusing your being with harmony and vitality.  

So whether you book a hair appointment, an energy healing session or both,  prepare for a curated immersive experience, leaving you with the perfect finish and a renewed sense of self.  Your journey to beauty and fulfillment begins here, one strand at a time.

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Experience Indigo Healing Sessions. Book an appointment at my Houston hair salon and discover the transformation that awaits you!

One-Step Color

Maintain Flawless Elegance. Embrace the Art of Root Perfection - Schedule Your Appointment for a Seamless Touch-Up. Stay Picture-Perfect, Always!

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Energy Work

Elevate Your Inner Essence. Experience Divine Guidance Leading You to Your Highest Good. Embrace Spiritual Harmony. #InnerTransformation #DivineInsight #LuxuryWellness

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Unleash Sun-Kissed Brilliance. Introducing Babylights, Our Exquisite Highlights Crafted with Precision to Emulate Nature's Effortless Hue. Experience the Art of Luminous Radiance!

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