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Step into a sacred space that’s just for you. Here, you’ll experience the fusion of age-old wisdom and modern science – a combination that stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal and revitalize.

Energy healing isn’t just a therapy – it’s a journey that links every part of who you are. By unlocking the connection between your energetic and physical selves, you discover wellness that feels like the true rhythm of life. This rhythm, often known as Chi (in Chinese) or Ki (in Japanese), combines the threads of our aura, balances, and our chakras, to guide the flow of energy through our meridians creating physical health and emotional harmony.

Now, imagine the same energy system as a river flowing through your body feeding your thoughts and emotions to balance your overall health. Sometimes life presents challenges–traumas, persistent stress, negative thoughts, etc., that act like dams, blocking your energy flow.

I will be your guide past these barriers. My approach to healing combines ancient healing practices with innovative modern insight. I use healing techniques to help you identify, understand, and resolve any issues holding back your energy. Under my guidance, you’ll release tension stored within your muscles, say goodbye to emotional issues, and free yourself from the grip of daily worries. In doing this, you begin on a new path for revitalization.

Together, we will unlock your body’s innate power to heal. Feel the weight, stress and doubt fade away as the equilibrium is restored within your energy system.

Take the first step on a personal journey of healing, Visit my Houston studio today.

Indigo Energy Healing Sessions with Umar

My Indigo Energy Healing Sessions are intensely focused on inner work, utilizing both divine insight and the energy of your inner being to guide you toward your highest good. The sessions provide insight and clarity using a custom selection of up to 9 healing methods allowing me to cleanse your energy field, align your chakras, and release you from negative energy so that your true beauty radiates outward.

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Exploring Energy Work and Alternative Healing Methods

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