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Treating Your Aura

The art of beauty isn’t limited to your physical self. It’s not just about your hairstyle and color and it isn’t just about your physique. You can be as fit and outwardly attractive as you want, but it won’t REALLY translate to other people if your spirit and soul aren’t equally confident and, well, solid.

Here’s where energy work comes in. Our energy work services and techniques are designed to help you achieve inner balance and serenity so that your true beauty will shine.

Energy healing sessions at Beauty by Umar are done on a one-to-one setting with just you and an instructor. We use divination tools such as tarot and the pendulum to guide us and give clarity throughout the session. We incorporate 7 modalities of healing to clear your auric field, balance chakras, and dismantle negative programming.

Indigo Healing

With Umar

Know that your highest good is always at the forefront of inner work. We are setting the intention to be guided to your highest good through divine insight and the subtle energy of inner being helping shift your beliefs.

Human beings make the mistake of thinking they are one being when the truth is that we are a collection of beliefs. This is why we often find ourselves in contradiction or hypocrisy. The many selves that exist within us often hold various opinions on the same subject matter. As we learn to integrate we are less in conflict with our own self and the world around us.

What is the purpose of Indigo healing
The purpose of indigo healing is to enrich your life with healing energy. It is a recalibration, rebalancing, renewal process. Indigo Healing is a combined work of 7 modalities to help shift your consciousness.

​Suspending Disbelief
The rational mind and the ego cannot always come to terms with things that it cannot explain nor understand. This is why so many of us struggle. As we try to make progress in our lives we don’t always work with the hidden forces around us or inside of us. We cling to an atom based world looking at and trusting only what is solid and tangible when that is only a small portion of the world around us. You cannot see radio waves, electricity

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