Hair Cuts

Complimentary Consultation

Whether it’s a shag, pixie, or short men’s crew cut it should be tailor-made to fit your face, head and body shape. Before the first snip comes the consultation.  I recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation to converse about lifestyle, hair texture, hair challenges and your at home styling capabilities.

With over 20 years of experience I can truly say that Today’s hair journey is bound only by imagination. I combine various cutting techniques with the use of sheers, razors and clippers to give you the movement, shape, and texture needed to enhance your vision.

If you could only use one word to capture the hair of your dreams what would it be? Would you call it timeless, edgy, clean, or retro.  Many great hairstyles are the direct result of a well executed hair cut and the use of the right products and tools

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Consultation (Complimentary)
Bang and Neck Trim (Complimentary)
Shampoo Only (Starting at $21.20)
Detangling (Starting at $132.50 per hour)
Ladies Haircuts (Starting at $121.90)
Ladies Wet Cut (Starting at $80.00)
Ladies Dry Cut (Starting at $65.00)
Gentlemen's Haircut (Starting at $68.90)
Hair Cuts Outside of the Salon (See Mobile Services)

Hair Style Services & Cost

Is Your Current Hairstyle Communicating the way you want to feel?

Throughout the ages humans have always sought to express themselves through their hair.

When you walk into a room even before you speak you are subconsciously communicating messages to others about who you are through your hairstyle . Just like any other brand you grow, transform, and evolve. At every stage of the process you may require new looks and new hair styles that help you reinvent yourself. Be it wand curls, a sleek updo or bodiful blowout let our Houston salon cater to you

More About Hairstyles and Services
Styling Offsite (Call for Quote)
Styling Consultation (Complementary)
Blowdry/Curling Ironing or Wand (Starting at $85.00)
Natural Flat Iron / Silk Press (Starting at $85.00)
Upstyle/Updos (Starting at $95.40)
Blow Out/Blow-dry (Starting at $68.90)
Rollerset (Starting at $70.00)
Blow-dry Pincurl Set (Starting at $85.00)