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Think Of Your Hair As Fabric

If you use this approach it can give you a whole new perspective on how to care for your graying hair. Just like different fabrics require different treatments for cleaning, maintaining, and ironing; different hair fabrics have special needs too. Let’s say your hair fabric is fine like silk, silk is delicate and fragile. It may need a much more gentle treatment than a hair texture that is very strong and thick like say a corduroy. If your hair texture was like that of cotton its strength and versatility would make it durable enough to handle many conditions that other hair fabrics couldn’t support.



Blending your Grey

Not ready to embrace your gray? 

When hair begins to gray, it often accompanies a change in the fabric of hair. Sometimes becoming dryer, more coarse, and even frizzier.

However, we are here to help you fight it!  We have a double pigmented hair color that packs a heavy-duty punch to those extra resistant hairs. Double pigment hair color is specially formulated with more pigmentation and a heavier saturation of color molecules to help cover more gray. It helps to prevent fading and shines more.

Grey Blending

Whether it’s camouflaging or enhancing your gray with a little bit of blonde, we’re excited to begin this hair journey with you. It’s one of the biggest trends we as colorists are seeing embraced by both men and women. Whatever percentage of gray you are, know that the options and possibilities are endless for you. From demi colors that add blushes of temporary color and shine, to permanent colors with varying degrees of gray coverage, we have the power to personalize. 

Extending the life of your color with gray blending means you are coloring less frequently.  Gray hair often makes the best natural highlights. 

Coloring Your Grey

You may not be gray naturally but simply desire to have some version of silver, gray, platinum, or ash. Either way, we want to help you get there. Get an idea of the shade by finding people with similar skin tones before you schedule your appointment. We always require a consultation so that you can have an idea of what your fabric of hair can handle the process necessary to achieve the desired result. Our Stylists can discuss things like service cost, home maintenance, aftercare, and life after gray. We are here to help you from start to finish.