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Umar Al-Duha

Umar-AL-Duha is a native Texan. Born and raised in San Antonio, he quickly relocated to Houston after attending the Elegance International Academy in Los Angeles on scholarship in 1999 and receiving his make-up certification from the Academy in 2000.
Umar obtained his cosmetology license from the state of Texas in 2002, and near the end of that year, he was employed as a makeup artist by Jose Eber, where he expanded upon his fascination with and understanding of colors, textures, and cosmetics. Always aiming to acquire further knowledge, during this time Umar also completed training with Sensia Japanese Studio, where he learned French cutting techniques, razor cutting, application of color, styling, and Japanese thermal straightening.

While employed as a makeup artist, Umar discovered his personal motivation, his “calling” to create his brand, beautybyumar.com. However, Umar’s initial passion for developing skin care products originated as a teenager, as he battled acne in a home lead by frugal parents who chose not to invest in expensive skin care products. As the saying goes, “necessity breeds creativity,” and this formative early life experience compelled Umar to learn to use the plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables that were readily available to him at home.
Umar quickly expanded his horizons from skincare to cosmetics. Research for beautybyumar.com cosmetics began in 2001, and by 2003 Umar amassed enough information and contacts to lay a firm foundation upon which to successfully launch beautybyumar.com. Utilizing his education, experience, and his innate ability to analyze a client’s eyes, brows, skin tones, and hair color, Umar creates unique expressions while also allowing his clients to maintain their authenticity.

Umar continues to strive for excellence by providing his clients with both high performance and result-driven products t
hat target dehydration, cellular oxidation, preserving elasticity, and sustaining and maintaining optimal cellular health in both skin and hair.  beautybyumar.com focuses on cell rejuvenation, prolonging youth, and graceful aging, recognizing that the notion that the aging process can be stopped is simply a myth.
Umar understands the importance of maintaining overall self-care and appearance even if circumstances have rendered one immobile, and providing mobile services to many hospitals in the Houston metropolitan area has allowed him to reach clients on a more discreet level.Being blessed to have been in the industry for this long, Umar greatly appreciates his clients. He understands his ability to create beauty every single day relies on the many referrals that he receives.