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Session Guidelines

Average Session Time

1 to 1.5 hours

(Wear Comfortable Clothing)

This is NOT a psychic reading therefore we ask you not to treat it as such.  The purpose of Indigo Healing is to help you with life challenges not to predict your future.

I am NOT a medical doctor, I cannot offer you medical advice, or perform any services that would be considered practicing medicine.

I am NOT a Licensed Counselor or Therapist and suggest that if you are in need of any of those professionals that you would seek treatment in tandem with your Energy Work.

As your consciousness change so does your life.  Beginning the exciting journey of self-discovery means looking for clues to patterns that block your optimization.

During your session, it is likely that you will use the Pendulum and Tarot Cards to help lead you through your journey. The Pendulum and Tarot Cards are great ancient diagnostic tools that help unlock the doors to some of your personal life difficulties.  Especially the challenges you are unable to fully articulate.

You may ask yes or no questions of the Pendulum; which are guided by Angels of the Heavenly realms and not those of Demonic forces.  My only reason for clarifying this is for anyone who may possess a curiosity to understand the inner workings of Divination.  For more complex questions we may consult the Tarots Cards which have a direct link to your subconscious mind.

We suggest NOT asking the following questions:

Is my spouse or lover unfaithful?

Is my disease terminal?

Winning lottery numbers, investment questions, or which team to bet on in a sporting event.

Should I have surgery?

Where did I misplace an object?

How another person feels toward or about you.

Do not ask a question regarding the timeframes that angels operate in outside the timeframe of time and space.

Please keep the questions focused on you and you’re personal development as much as possible.  You will have greater results.

Remember this is all about YOU.  As you heal yourself problems have a way of healing themselves.


Rules of Engagement

To get the full value of your Session. Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please arrive on time.
  • Please place your turn your cell phone off or place silent mode, unless recording.
  • Please focus your conversation around Session Work ONLY and not random and irrelevant topics.
  • Please allow time to complete the FULL Session.