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Natural Hair Care

Roller Set                                   $45+

Wrap & Flat iron                    $55+

Twist Maintenance              $50+

Braid Styles                              $45+

Havana Twists                        $120+

Crochet Styles                        $80+

Natural Hair in the Salon

How nerve-racking is the thought of giving someone else full responsibility of one of your most prized possessions?

 As a natural, it can be scary when sitting in a salon chair giving someone else full control of your hair. One thing that can help is communication. After finding a natural hair stylist, communicate with them what you know about your hair to them. Tell them your daily regimen and what products you use to make it act right and then tell them what end result you are looking for. Most importantly, let them communicate that back to you. When both you and your stylist are on the same page it will take the edge off and allow you to trust them more.

Haircare professionals are trained to know the principles of hair. We know that all hair textures and types work a little differently. Whether you have super curly hair, straight hair, virgin hair, color treated hair, thick hair, or even thin hair the principle remains the same. All hair is made of the same components, with the proper techniques and products you will be able to achieve your desired look. One thing not all stylists have is experience with different textures. This causes them to be uncomfortable in certain circumstances.So it's important to have great communication with your stylist so you both can move forward together.

How to tell you've found a great natural hair stylist:

1. Products. The products they are using or recommending should contain enough moisture and conditioning agents to leave your hair feeling more hydrated than before. We know not all professional products cater to the special needs of natural hair, so your stylist should recommend the proper products.

2. A listening ear. Make sure your hair care professional is able to repeat back to you exactly what you want. This will show that they were actively listening and also assessing your hair. In the consultation stage of your service, your stylist should repeat back to you a few things they've noticed with your hair. Examples are previous color, breakage in certain areas, scalp conditions, or need for a protein or conditioning treatment.

3. Tools and techniques. When they are detangling your hair this is a good time to take a look at what they are using. Make sure, although it may be different from what you use, they are still maintaining the integrity of your hair. For example, if they are dry brushing, that they should be gentle and use a brush that helps to easily detangle with minimum breakage.

4. Advice. Most good natural hair stylists will always give you good advice that will help you along your natural hair journey.
So next time you schedule your salon appointment or are looking for a natural hair stylist, keep these things in mind.