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Loyalty Rewards

Never pay full price for a haircut again.
Much of our business is based on word of mouth referrals, and when it comes to referrals we receive many!  So we would like to start by saying THANK YOU to all of you who have shared your recommendations for cutting, coloring, styling, makeup, mobile services, and more!
Here is how the Loyalty Referral Program works:
When you refer someone to beautybyumar.com for beauty services, we will ask them to complete a new client form, on which your name will be recorded as the client who made the referral. Your name will then be placed on the Loyalty Referral Rewards Board posted in the salon. The next in-salon haircut will be discounted by 50% for your referral, AND  the new client also receives 50% off that haircut!  
Terms and Conditions
- A referral reward applies to in-salon haircuts only. Neither mobile/on-site, color, waxing,  nor makeup applications  are eligible for reward.
- Only one person may be titled as the referrer per each new client; however, a
referrer may make unlimited referrals throughout the year.
- A referral reward cannot be transferred to another client.
- A referrer may receive only one referral reward per visit. For example, if a
referrer refers two clients, the referrer would receive a 50% discount on the next
two visits rather than a 100% discount on the next visit.
- In the case of a group, such as a family or wedding party, only two clients per visit
may take advantage of the referral reward at one time.
- A referral reward may be redeemed up to one year from the date of service
performed on the referred client.