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What is Energy Work?

Know that your highest good is always at the forefront of inner work. We are setting the intention to be guided to your highest good through divine insight and the subtle energy of inner being.

All things are Energy and Energy vibrates at a certain frequency.

Therefore, you can shift the energy around you.  Just like a radio station you can be tuned to any station.  When you tune into a radio station like 96.1FM you would not be able to hear what is on 106.5FM.  You would be on a different station.  Energy and vibration work the same way.  Healing is a different frequency than sickness and a solution is a different solution than a problem.  Once you become open to shifting from an unwanted frequency, you can invite the possibility of vibrating on a higher and different frequency.  It’s sort of like changing the radio station.

Our perception of who we are and how we see ourselves creates our world.  Our beliefs support those ideas keeping paradigms firmly fixed into place.  These patterns form the basic structure and blueprint for our current reality.

Suspending Beliefs

Faith and belief are powerful tools that often shape our experiences.  The first time I received energy work I was given the advice to suspend disbelief and I am glad I listened.  A decade later and I am here as a vessel guiding people toward well being. Today, I often give the same advice.  Come with an open mind and an open heart. My life has been transformed and I hope the same for you.

Meditation and Prayer in Session Work

Meditation and Prayer enhance whatever spiritual practices you have or want to create. Each of us are given countless messages from infinite intelligence on a moment to moment basis. These messages may present themselves as intuition, our first mind, inspiration, or an idea that pops into your head.  When you are stressed, burned out, it becomes increasingly difficult to hear your guidance from within.  Many people don’t meditate or pray because they think that they are doing it wrong or that it is ineffective.  We still the mind and produce great insights when done correctly. We explore what does it mean to pray and how to listen for answers in meditation.

By raising the vibrations through prayers, blessings and anointing you can raise the frequency of things in and around your surroundings. Exposed items are those articles that have not had protection set up in them. It is like not putting a password or security code on an item.  Protected items have some level of protection like firewalls.  There is protection against thought forms, words, intentions, energy depletion, ideas or concepts, principalities and portal openings entities. Vulnerable areas are areas that are exposed and open in ways that can cause harm in ones environment.

Types of Energy Works and Healing Modalities used in Session Work

Energy work is a simple way to reinvigorate the body when experiencing unexplained tiredness, frustrations, and confusion.  In Session work may include the following modalities:

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – EFT is tapping on the body’s Meridian System to clear out old emotional programming that no longer serves who you are becoming.

Salt Bathing – Salt Bathing is an alternative to Crystal Bathing.

Crystal Bathing – Helps amplify your vibration to promote healing and cleanses the aura.

Sage Bathing – Helps to clear the energy fields around you; to help you better understand your guidance from Source, your spiritual guide, angels and ascended masters.

Aromatherapy Bathing – Spititzing with a blend of essential oils for grounding energy inside of the body.

Sound Bathing – Rebalances the energy fields of the body with sound.  Opening, closing  and recalibrating the bodies vortexes can help regulate glands, harmones, and emotions.

Session Times and Reservations

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All Energy Work Sessions are Conducted by Umar