portrait of perfect hair

Color Terminology

Balayage – A highlighting technique in which the color is hand-painted onto the hair with a gentle sweeping motion giving a sun-kissed natural look and allows for softer less noticeable regrowth line. This process is different than the average lightening technique because by painting the color directly onto the hair,  usually applied freehand throughout onto the ends of hair directly where the colorist sees fit. The use of various shades a natural and unique color is achieved. Balayage creates depth and dimension and leaves you with a sun-kissed finish. Often using a color that is present in the hair, foils are used for more control.
Ombre – Ombre is when the hair color is faded from darker roots to gradually lighter at the ends (or vice-versa). This gradual change in hair color from root to end generally moves within the same color family. An ombre can be either subtle or bold depending on the colors used it can be quite an obvious gradient or a more natural effect. The ombre fade effect will normally be on half to two-thirds of the hair and be in a fairly straight line across the hair.
One Step Color- The hair is lifted and the color is deposited in one easy step. Single Process means that a new color or toner is applied all over to create a new base color. It’s the most common process and it’s great for covering grays and adding shininess to dull hair. One step color means no highlights, lowlights, or bleaching just normal color. This is good when you are looking to either darken or lighten your hair by 2-3 shades.