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All cancellations must be made at least 24hrs before the set appointment. If not there is a $30 cancellation fee. Clients using Groupons must call in to verify the appointment. Groupons are for first-time clients only and can be used once every year. ​​

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About Our Business Owners
Come with us as we dive into who makes salon what it is today. We pride ourselves on being a diverse group of stylists and business owners striving to provide our guests with the most memorable salon experience. Our salon owners have their unique niche in the beauty industry and personalities that will overall brighten your day and create a salon experience like no other. Although we have our own niche in the industry we are able to share our creativity in an open atmosphere which translates to a well rounded and welcoming environment for our guests. Whether you have a natural kinky texture, smooth waves, or silky straight hair, virgin hair or chemically/color treated hair. We can help whether you want a complete transformation or maintain your current look, our salon owners are the best for the job. Visit each owners page to learn more about us and what we have to offer you.

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