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Style and Set

Up-do’s, straightening, signature blowouts, heat or heatless  curls, wrap sets, perms, and much much more. Come get the full salon experience at We have a team of highly skilled hair care professionals/hair stylists that will leave you feeling like a new person. Here at each of our salon owners has a unique set of skills that cater to any needs you may have. Whether you’re looking for an up-do for a wedding or special evening out, a daily blowout that flows with every step you take, or a wrap or roller set that will last until your next appointment; we have you covered.
  • Roller Set $50+
  • Wrap and Flat Iron $75+
  • Blow-Dry $65+
  • Up-Do’s $70+
 Up-dos are perfect for a special date night out, anniversaries, weddings, proms and any other special occasions. We are passionate about pushing the limits and creating a style catered to you.
Who wouldn’t want a look often seen on the biggest celebrities? Here at, we can give you that beautiful red carpet looks you dream of. Our owners have the diverse set of techniques needed as well as the top of the line round brushes and powerful blow dryers to create those voluminous big curls that will make you look like an A-Lister.
Perm Rod and roller sets, wrap sets, perms, short hairstyles, braids, and extensions. Come see our salon owners, with extensive knowledge on multi-textured hair. See what it takes to keep your hair up until your next appointment. We are passionate about keeping your hair healthy and growing while keeping you looking your best.
Straightening and flat ironing with minimal heat damage. We all want the look without the consequences. Well, here our hair pacer professionals do their best at keeping you knowledgeable with what your hair texture needs to give you ample results and minimal consequences. For example which products to use and what temperature your hot tools should be to ensure the integrity of your strands while leaving you with effortless gorgeous straightened strands.