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Relaxer and Smoothing Treatment

Virgin Texturizer $130
Virgin Relaxer $130
Texturizer Retouch $100
Keratin Treatment $350
Brazilian Blowout $300
Relaxer Retouch $200
Guidelines for Keratin Treatment Maintenance
  • Avoid Restraining and pulling hair up for 72 hours
  • No Buns, Barrettes, Rubber band, Sunglasses, or headbands for 72 hours
  • No working out and swimming for 72 hours
  • Prepare for service to be at least 3 hours
Sodium Chloride is the ingredient that will pull out your Keratin treatment, it may be in your water softener, your saltwater pool, and your shampoo. Sodium Chloride is also released when you sweat. If you perspire a lot you may find that your Keratin treatments fade faster. Also when perspire your hair becomes wet causing it to curl up.
A Keratin treatment cannot work on wet hair. Wet hair will frizz. Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Chlorine will gradually reduce Keratin results along with frequent shampooing and frequent sweating. If you perspire while working out please rinse your hair immediately.
A Keratin treatment is designed to aid in styling, it is not a substitute for styling your hair. Understand that the flatiron finish that is achieved during the service will only be maintained if you flatiron your hair.
If you do not purchase a proper shampoo from you assume the risk of your Keratin treatment not lasting. A Keratin treatment is not a relaxer or straightener it is grouped under smoothing services; as hair therapy to reduce curl and minimize frizz. Please understand that your hair fabric is unique and your results may vary from those of another guest.
A Keratin treatment is only guaranteed if purchase a select shampoo and conditioner from
The Truth Behind Keratin Treatments
What is Keratin and what are keratin treatments for?
Let’s start with the basics. Keratin is an element of protein found naturally in your hair that gives it its strength. If you are experiencing weakened strands, dryness, and breakage a keratin treatment with a properly trained professional may be your key to recovery!
Here are some important things to know in the realm of keratin.There are multiple brands, with different finishes and end results. For example, the line Keratin Complex, which is widely used here at, comes in 4 different treatments, one of the treatments even offers 4 completely different finishes. The Signature Smoothing Solution, The Signature Smoothing Solution for Blondes, The Speedy Solution (aka Express Blowout), and the Personalized Blowout. With so many different options everyone can be sure to get the results they are looking for.
To my naturals with curly hair that is worried keratin will ruin your luscious curls, IT DOESN’T! The perfect keratin treatment would be the Personalized blowout. With this option, you will have your curls reinforced and frizz reduced. If you decide to get the curly finish it doesn’t even require heat!! You can leave the salon with flawless, strengthened curls. On top of that, when you do decide to straighten your curls the treatment will help reduce frizz as well as help your styles to last longer. Then when you’re ready to wash, after your flat iron, your curls will come back stronger than before.
Now how does the keratin work? We use a shampoo that clarifies your hair so your hair is able to fully retain the product. Then we apply the product and during this process, the keratin penetrates the cuticle; strengthening and conditioning bonds, smoothing the cuticle, and repairing the prior damage. The final step involves the blow dryer and flat iron, in many cases.In this stage your chosen stylist will use discretion on how many passes and what temperature to set the flat iron on, to give you the best results.  
Often times, clients are deterred from getting keratin treatments because they’ve heard it causes permanent straightening. Other clients are deterred because it doesn’t provide enough straightening, but in reality, keratin treatments are not intended for straightening at all. They were created to help strengthen, condition and reduce frizz and dry time while sealing the cuticle. So stop by BeautybyUmar and talk with our different owners to see if a keratin treatment is right for you.