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All cancellations must be made at least 24hrs before the set appointment. If not there is a $30 cancellation fee. Clients using Groupons must call in to verify the appointment. Groupons are for first-time clients only and can be used once every year. ​​

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MythBusters: Social Media Hair Bloggers

n the new day and age, social media sites have made a huge impact on our daily lives as a whole. It provides much more exposure and information for just about any subject or topic you can think of. In the beauty industry, this can be such a scary thing to a haircare professional. We often get clients in our chairs that watch a lot of YouTube tutorials or Instagram videos of women doing their hair and giving haircare advice, even though they are NOT licensed, cosmetologists. As a licensed cosmetologist, we aren't just trained to style hair we study the chemical makeup of hair and chemistry behind why hair does what it does. Social media hair bloggers definitely are good for at home styling, but when it comes to haircare the best advice you can get is from a trained and licensed professional.

A few things to combat common social media myths about modern day salons:

1. All stylists want to cut your hair off. Most stylists don’t want to cut your hair off, but when a licensed cosmetologist sees ends that are dry, brittle and tangle easily he/she will encourage you to let that length go for the integrity of your hair. For naturals, this is why your ends always seem to tangle after straightening.

2. Cutting your hair will stop growth. Growth is not determined by whether or not you cut your hair. Growth is based on genetics and internal proteins needed to produce hair follicles. Trims can help prevent breakage or further splitting to the scalp which will stunt growth and quicken the shedding phase.

3. You don't need to shampoo your hair. Please shampoo your hair! With a professional product if possible. It is necessary to shampoo your hair once it begins to have a lot of buildups.If not your hair will become suffocated by-product. You must use a clarifying shampoo every week or two. Product buildup does not allow the necessary oils and moisture to get into the cuticle which may result in dryer hair.

4. Combing curly hair with a wet brush will break your hair. Wet brushes do not create breakage, it's the technique of the stylist on that particular curl pattern that may create damage. Always begin at the ends and work your way up towards the scalp when detangling with a wet brush to prevent snags and breakage.

5.  You can flat iron wet/damp hair. There are products to cut dry time and will flat iron hair wet or damp. DO NOT USE. This will create damage to the hair strands. The hair must be completely dry to flat iron and minimize heat damage.

6. Haircare maintenance. Many social media bloggers will tell you that you can apply oils to dry hair without applying moisturizers first. This is not good advice. Oils seal the cuticle and should be applied last. The most utilized oil is coconut but there are many more effective oils to use. Try out the avocado, jojoba, and grapeseed oil as well.

7. Stylists just want you to buy products. We recommend professional products because they have unique ingredients that actually make a difference in the outcome of your hair. Most truly professional products are not sold to unlicensed patrons. Think of drugstore shampoos as the equivalent to putting bad oil in a new car. The drugstore shampoos are the equivalent of putting conventional motor oil in your car versus synthetic oil.