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Please call to book all Groupons. A 24hr Notice is required  for cancellation or  rescheduling . A fee of $30 will be assessed before your next service.
Febuary is customer appreciation month at and to show you how much we appreciate your loyalty and patronage we are kick off January and Febuary with these extradordinary savings. (This promotion is for new and existing clients.) Deals available through groupon only.

The Art of Wellness Celebration Fundraiser!

Keratin Treatment

Our salon is the place to go in Houston for a keratin treatment that leaves your hair luxuriously smooth and shiny. If you aren’t familiar with keratin treatments, they are ideal for frizzy, damaged, tangled hair that takes a lot of work to style because it is overly porous. Because hair is made of keratin -- a certain kind of protein -- a keratin treatment replaces the keratin that has been lost through various kinds of damage or through the aging process.

Because there are different kinds of keratin treatments for different hair types, our salon professionals use the one that is right for you, and can offer advice about what types of styling products you should use in order to maximize the effects and duration of the treatment.

Our Houston salon’s professional keratin treatments for hair can make you feel more attractive and more confident while they rebuild your hair and restore it to its full beauty. It’s just another way creates a salon experience that offers a transformative experience for each and every customer. Contact us today for an appointment for your keratin treatment at!