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Start fresh with one of our Stylists. Our diverse Stylist have their own style of cutting hair. Their technique, and experience, are unsurpassed. Whether you are completely changing your style, trying out a new trend, or just need a little maintenance, our Stylist can help you.

    • Bang/Neck Trim $5+
    • Children’s Haircut $45+
    • Women’s Haircut $105+
    • Gentlemen’s Haircut $55+
    • Deep Conditioning $25+

Starting Fresh

There is always speculation about receiving haircuts routinely, Any licensed cosmetologist will inform you that, in most cases, it is vital for hair growth and retention. We like to see our clients every 6-10 weeks for a maintenance haircut/trim. Scheduling this maintenance with the proper hair care professional will ensure that your tresses are healthy and growing. It is said, “It’s very similar to trimming a plant; plants require maintenance trims along with nutrients in order to grow. You must remove the malnourished, dried, and split ends to keep your hair healthy and growing!”
A few signs that let you know it’s time for a haircut.
     1. If you are noticing that your hair becomes increasingly more difficult to detangle, your ends are split and fragile, they tend to tangle around each hair follicle.
     2. Your hair is more susceptible to heat damage and tends to stay straighter on the ends. Dehydrated ends have weakened hydrogen bonds which leaves your hair vulnerable to heat and chemical damage.
     3. Hair does not hold a curl well anymore.
     4. Looking at a few strands close you see split ends similar to the photo below.
A few things to benefit from receiving routine haircuts is the updated knowledge from your trusted hair care professional that can result in you having fewer trims. With proper at-home care, it is possible to reduce the number of split ends which can, in turn, translate into fewer trims as well.
Getting a haircut from a professional is so important. The techniques used will give you the results you are looking for. We, as professionals, are trained on the angles of the shape of the head, where the hair falls, how the hair will fall depending on texture, etc. Please do not try to recreate a haircut you have seen at home.

It’s popularly noted that women receiving a drastic haircut is preparing to change her life. Although this is a complete myth, a haircut is a simple way to change your look and give you a fresh start. A lot of people get caught in the monotony of what they are used to, the option of a new style never crosses their mind. We’ll think again, with the right haircut to fit your face, it can really bring out the best features through the ages.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair
Healthy hair is the key to achieving long-term beauty instead of temporary beauty. Your hair will be as good to you as you are to it. Many people have a misconception that as long as they get their hair done at a hair salon, they are maintaining healthy hair, this is not always the case. Any stylist isn’t necessarily the right stylist for you. There are stylists that are perfect for your hair and there are stylists that aren’t. However, the perfect stylist is only half of the equation considering you don’t get your hair done professionally every day. Whether you know it or not, most of the time having and maintaining healthy hair is up to you. So how do you maintain healthy hair? Keep reading to find out!
When talking about hair health there are a few things to keep in mind. Everyone has different stages of hair growth, and depending on genetics coupled with diet hair can grow at different rates. So healthy hair doesn’t necessarily equate to long hair and vice versa. To define healthy hair we are talking about hair that has a natural shine from being properly moisturized, very limited breakage, and tons of body and movement. So depending on the texture, type, and thickness healthy hair may look different across the board but have the same qualities. 


Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is one of the most overlooked steps in hair care today. Did you know that by deep conditioning your hair at least once a month many of the common problems associated with the hair itself, split ends, breakage and frizziness can be minimized significantly. While deep conditioning won’t cure all of the problems that arise with your hair you can improve both the texture and increase hair’s manageability.

5 Tips to Help You Maintain Healthy Hair
1. Keep your hair pH balanced. Hair is pH balanced at a level 4.5 to 5 which is slightly acidic. If you are using products that are too high in alkaline, this will keep your cuticle open and prevent your hair from retaining moisture. Keep in mind that although water is a necessity for moisturizing your hair it is slightly high in alkaline so you will need to follow with products that can close the cuticle.
2. Eat a nutritional diet. When you eat a proper diet your hair has the nutrients internally it needs to grow. This can include drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins such as MSM and Biotin to give your hair an extra boost. Some foods I recommend for hair and scalp health are; salmon, nuts, carrots, green vegetables, and eggs. These foods combined have Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, and B-12 which will provide moisture and protein for healthy hair growth and hair loss prevention.
3. Maintain a regular Deep Conditioning Regimen. Purchase a recommended deep conditioner from your hairstylist. Or you can make one with a mixture of oils and conditioners that you have on hand. Let your conditioner sit in your hair for 10-30 min, with heat if possible, to allow the conditioners to bring your hair back to life. To finish this conditioning treatment use styling aides and light oil (grapeseed, jojoba, avocado, almond, coconut, castor oil) to help seal in the moisture.
4. Regularly scheduled trims. Schedule trims with your trusted hair care professional to ensure that your ends are not splitting, or creating further breakage. This will also give you the opportunity to ensure that you’re at home hair care is working as well.
5. Avoid Cotton. If you do not sleep in a satin headscarf, we recommend buying a satin pillowcase to prevent the cotton from absorbing the moisture in your hair. This also applies to dry your hair. Use a microfiber towel when drying your hair to help keep your cuticle from fraying.
These tips above are across the board great tips to help maintain your hair health at home.