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Color Services

One Step Color $85+

Partial Highlights $120+

Double Partial Highlights $240+

Full Highlights $145+

Double Full Highlights $290+

Balayage $175+

Toner $45+

Bond Builder $10 per bowl

At, we offer top quality hair color services that give you the gorgeous look you’ve always wanted. But we do more than that: With a relaxed atmosphere that promotes a feeling of well-being and a focus on transforming the customer through our art and skills, you’ll come out of your hair color treatment not just looking better, but feeling fantastic!


We offer many different hair color treatment options at our Houston salon. You can choose a one-step color, crown highlight, partial highlight, or full highlight — so whatever you have in mind, we can create that effect for you. We’re also skilled in applying the popular balayage highlighting technique, which creates a stunning but subtle ombre effect with your hair color.

Become the you that you envision. can help you become your most beautiful self with our hair color services and our many other beauty treatment options. By pairing the latest advancements in hair color treatments with the artistry we have inherited from the generations of hair stylists who came before us, we bring about beautiful transformations for our happy customers.

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