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Please call to book all Groupons. A 24hr Notice is required  for cancellation or  rescheduling . A fee of  will be assessed before your next service.
Febuary is customer appreciation month at and to show you how much we appreciate your loyalty and patronage we are kick off January and Febuary with these extradordinary savings. (This promotion is for new and existing clients.) Deals available through groupon only.

The Art of Wellness Celebration Fundraiser! is a Houston full service hair salon that offers haircuts, styling and coloring -- but it’s our approach that makes the difference. Our stylists offer excellent services that not only improve your appearance, but actually transform it into the ideal image you have of yourself. You’ll love the person you see in the mirror!

Our hair cutting, coloring and styling services use the latest developments in the hairstyling industry, along with our education, artistry and a thorough knowledge of our craft, to bring about your Transformation. What we do is the perfect marriage of science, healing and relaxation, and the tradition of the hairstylist’s art that has been passed down to us through the generations.

We’re proud to carry on the proud tradition of our trade while bringing it up to date with the latest hair cutting styles and hair coloring techniques. And we do it in an atmosphere that promotes your relaxation and well-being, whatever the setting. So for example, when we work with brides, our bridal hair styling and makeup services include complimentary wine. We also offer mobile hair salon services in the Houston area, including hospital service. And massage therapy is another of our many service offerings.

While our hair cutting and styling skills are impressive, it’s our focus on transforming the whole person in a beautiful way that sets us apart. An appointment at our Houston hair salon can truly make you feel as good as you look!

trans-for-ma-tion [noun]:  
Changing in form, appearance, or structure; undergoing a metamorphosis. Feeling better about who is looking back in the mirror.

Our Philosophy
Our Mission Statement